Adrienne Somerville

Entrepreneur: Co-Author, Energetic Educator, Servant Leader, Influential Speaker

Adrienne Somerville, who has served as a Civil Servant since 1994, is a highly respected Federal Government employee. She was named Naval Air (NAVAIR) Systems Command’s Talent Management Program Manager in 2008.

As NAVAIR’s Talent Management Program Manager, Adrienne designed and delivered the integrated approach to workforce skills planning and management:  increasing flexibility and agility to Department of Defense, Navy and NAVAIR requirements; internationally synchronizing a variety of functional and organizational skill efforts; and providing the total workforce a clear, consistent skill-based career roadmap and developmental framework.  Her innovative products provide managers and leaders a concise closed-loop workforce shaping system to identify skill gaps and better utilize desired skills to target training resources and meet critical program requirements.

In addition to Ms. Somerville’s direct commissioning into the Naval Reserves, as a Supply Corp Officer, in 1996, for several decades, she has leveraged her dynamic interpersonal skills and expert contracting competence in the successful acquisition of many high dollar and politically sensitive Navy and Defense programs.

In 2013, Ms. Adrienne M. Somerville, founded Carolyn E. Parker Foundation, Incorporated, a non-profit organization.  The Carolyn E. Parker Foundation is driven by a passionate belief that we all have a responsibility for each other during the most troublesome times.  Under Ms. Somerville’s leadership as President, more than 100 young ladies received complimentary dresses to attend their significant dances.  Furthermore, today’s youth have enjoyed afterschool meals, engaged in cyber bullying, self-empowerment, financial management, college and career panel sessions and “Dining like Divas” etiquette training.  Additionally, leading Project Warm, she not only warmed the bodies and filled the bellies, but also touched the souls of many displaced homeless men and women.

In 2015, Adrienne joined the Florida Institute of Technology Patuxent River team, as an undergraduate professor, focused on creating an academic environment where adult students could do their best work and achieve academic success.

In 2016, Ms. Somerville proudly unveiled her co-authored literary work; My Name is Mommy, a compilation of amazing stories told by phenomenal women focused on encouraging, educating and empowering themselves and others in the spirit of sisterhood.

In 2017, Adrienne established Adrienne Somerville Enterprises which provides consulting services on the following topics of expertise: Organizational Behavior, Talent Management, Mentoring, Coaching, Career Development, Training, Networking and Professional Motivational Speaking.  Ms. Somerville believes everyone deserves to “work in their story”.

Adrienne routinely receives requests to speak and contribute her knowledge and perspective on many topics, to include talent management, mentoring, career planning and career development and management. She is a gifted speaker that truly engages the audience’s interest and attention – genuine, articulate and candid by energetically captivating the listeners with her insightfulness and connectedness.  Her vast knowledge, professionalism, optimism and continued willingness to elevate herself and others is truly a hallmark of her many qualities.  In addition to being a role model, Ms. Somerville continues to internationally promote academic excellence, self-improvement and professional growth.

The accolades, awards, honors and special recognition bestowed upon Ms. Somerville are beyond remarkable.  She has been named Mentor of the Year, and showcased in many publications to include the Career Communication Group’s Women of Color Magazine, Mid Atlantic Gazette, Naval Air Station Patuxent River Newspaper: Tester, Southern Maryland’s The BayNet, etc.  Additionally, she has been recognized by Department of Navy, Naval Air Systems Command, Career Communication Group’s Women of Color, Federally Employed Women, and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity.

Somerville is a graduate of Norfolk State University, Florida Institute & Technology, The Government Affairs Institute at Georgetown University, NAVAIR’s Senior Executive Management Development Program, Federal Executive Institute, and Navy Senior Leader Seminar. She served as a Chesapeake Public School Board Member, Vice President of Patuxent River’s National Contracts Management Association, member of Federally Employed Women and Women in Defense, all the while remaining a passionate, purpose-filled mentor to people in her personal and professional community.

In summation, Adrienne is an entrepreneur who also founded a Private Foundation,, and serves as a highly-regarded international speaker building massive momentum across many diverse organizations. In addition to being an amazing wife and phenomenal mother of two children, Adrienne continues her life as an educator and legacy leader, exemplifying the model of the successful professional with an undying passion to elevate others to achieve their career goals.

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