STAND OUT EXPERIENCE March 7th, 2018 | 10am – 4pm, doors open at 9:30
LOCATION: Southern Maryland Higher Education Center, 44219 Airport Rd., California, MD 20619
Admission: Individual – $55; Group of six – $300; Teen – $25
Registration opens in early 2018.
Join us for a full day experience designed for the woman who desires to more fully embrace living a life of unlimited possibilities and stand out while being completely supported in sisterhood.

The 2017 Stand Out Women’s Empowerment Experience: Embrace Your Possibilities contains four pillars that when embraced allow a woman to live a life of unlimited possibilities.  They are:

  1. Reflect.
  2. Reclaim.
  3. Revamp.
  4. Resuscitate.

Reflect: The essence of reflection is centered in taking time for silence, prayer, and meditation so that you can align with the higher calling of your heart and soul.  Marnie Hansen will lead us into that sacred space inside where all answers exist.  Once clear, Erin Lewis will guide us to amplify our most heart and soul-felt desires, wishes, and dreams so that we may live a life of unlimited possibilities.  This pillar is where every life-changing, earth-shattering breakthrough and possibility begin.

Reclaim:  Reclamation is the return to the truest essence of who we are.  It is the removal of layers and years of being told we are someone different.  Jen Andersen will lead us through overcoming internal obstacles that prevent realization of the dream. By removing limiting beliefs, getting out of our own way, avoiding the comparison trap, and eliminating our fear of failure and success, we are free to fully reclaim all that is divinely intended for us on our Path.  This pillar is the transformative work of reaching your highest potential and realizing your dreams.

Revamp:  Once the dream is defined and the vessel is cleared, it is all about breathing new life and delivering impact.  Adrienne Somerville will share her powerful story of dreaming big and staying focused in order to live her incredible life of unlimited possibilities.  Our ability to achieve success lies in revamping the way we see ourselves and how we show up in the world with others.  Sharing her tips and strategies, Adrienne will inspire us to take action in bold, innovative, and determined ways.

Resuscitate:  The very definition of resuscitation beckons breathing new life.  The power-packed areas of health, wealth, and relationships require us to dig deep and find innovative ways to fully embrace what is possible for our lives – especially if our current situation is different than our desired destination.  For health, Dr. Alice Fong, will educate us on the healthiest ways to relieve stress, the correlation between food and mood, and share her best health tips on living a happy, healthy life.  For relationships, Shaniqua Cousins, will share her favorite ways to enhance the most important relationships in our lives – spouse/significant other and children.  Not married/no kids – no worries.  This may just guide you into finding or creating that ideal relationship. For wealth, Barbara Stanny, our money expert will share what women need to know in order to get smart about creating financial abundance and living life on our own terms.

The Stand Out Experience is an annual fundraiser for The Dream Queen Foundation in support of the Gals Lead Teen Program.  The program exists to ignite the flames of self-discovery and empowerment for teen girls.  The vision of the Gals Lead Teen Program is to create a world where every teen girl embraces who she is today so that she can blossom into the passionate, purpose-filled woman of tomorrow.  For more details visit

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Add to My Calendar 2016-05-14 9:00:00 2016-05-14 17:00:00 EST Gather Event Theme Vision & Purpose: To provide the passionate & purpose-filled seeking women of Southern Maryland a place to connect with one another in living their dreams, celebrating success, and overcoming obstacles. Mission: A one day conference dedicated to lifting the hearts and souls of each woman who is committed to living her fullest and highest potential and purpose on the planet while supporting the mission of the Gals Lead Teen Program. SOUTHERN MARYLAND HIGHER ED CENTER Your Dream Queen Association [email protected]



Join the Dream Queen Association and connect with other positive, passionate, purpose-filled women.


If you have any questions about the event, please contact us using the form below.

Thank you to our generous sponsors!

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